Welcome to my website!

I am Jolien De Rechter, an enthusiastic and driven person who is committed to the mental and physical health of horses.

Over the years I have followed various courses related to the health of the horse. This adventure started with a course for Shiatsu Therapy (Belgium), followed by Bodywork (Belgium), Neuromuscular Horse Dentistry (USA) and finally Barefoot Trimming (Canada). These different courses have given me a broad spectrum of information and perspectives on the horse as a whole. Which also strengthens my goal: to look at the horse as a whole and treat it according to the cause, not just the symptoms.

I was always determined to make a profession of my passion. During my adventurous travels towards knowledge and experience, I was lucky enough to have someone that pointed me in the right direction: my horse, Texas. He is my greatest teacher and has the gift to support and guide me where needed.

Texas has presented me with many different illnesses en defects in the more recent years. My heart often had a hard time but my curiosity took the upper hand.

He gave me the drive and motivation to learn more about the health of horses. Thanks to several specific courses I can now not only help Texas, but also a lot of other horses with certain mental and physical discomforts.

It’s the reason he has been incorporated in my logo. He is the pure essence of the existence of my company, and the whole vision behind it.

Everything in my practice revolves around the wellbeing of the horse. The main goal is to make sure that the horse can be itself and is not unnecessarily corrected for this. They are allowed to make clear to me what is pleasant for them and what is not. They get a choice in the process and are actually listened to. I have guidelines that I work with, but every individual is different and not every horse can deal with this. To the extent that it is possible, I try to be flexible and adjust myself to the horse, not the other way around. In recent years I have noticed that this gives the best results for both parties. Thanks to this teamwork, there is more peace, harmony and are we capable to work more efficient.

Besides that, I also include and guide the owners in the whole process. In the end, any kind of professional in the horse sector can do what they want and work miracles, but the number one influence is and remains the owner. That is why I find it extremely important to explain everything as clearly and detailed as possible. This gives a better picture of what is actually going on and also makes the seriousness of the matter more clearly. By doing this, the highest potential of the horse will be reached.

Jolien De Rechter