What is Barefoot Trimming?

A hoof is not just something you have to cut or file every couple of weeks. A hoof is part of a living organism and is essential in keeping a healthy horse. As they say, no hoof is no horse!

But what is a Barefoot Trimmer looking at now? Mainly at the anatomical shape of a hoof, in such a way that it can also be functional. This means that all 4 hooves of the horse will be looked at individually so an adapted trimming can be applied.

The hoof and its functions

A hoof has many different functions to keep the health of the body optimal.

  • A well-functioning hoof supports the heart in pumping blood through the body. Circulation is enhanced by correct and attentive trimming and also by offering a similar lifestyle. Good circulation is essential for correct digestion, coat, hoof wall production, endocrine balance and quality of life.
  • The jet, hoof balls and jet cushion build up strength and elasticity, just like the wall and sole. Together they resonate in harmony with the ground. Encouraging movement will increase health and vitality, increase the immune system and the function of the hoof.
  • Through snow and ice, in mud and grass, from sand to rocks. The natural hoof not only provides traction and sensation on any type of ground surface, it can also adapt more easily and cope with heavier terrain.
  • A healthy hoof has a protective wall and elastic tissue around the bone and sensitive areas of the inner hoof. The proprioceptors in the radius and sensation in the crown rim send direct signals to the horse about the state of the ground. This innate and built-in reaction gives the horse a sense of security.
  • Finely tuned hooves are in direct contact with the existing ground and react and adapt according to what they feel. This is due to the fact that healthy hooves and bodies also have healthy muscles, ligaments, nerves and tendons with well installed proprioceptors.

A healthy hoof can melt the ice from underneath and let the warm sand cool down. The hooves support the regulation of a horse’s inner temperature.

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Barefoot trimming
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